Sunday, September 27, 2015


A glimpse at my primary time line
The morning is cool and sunny with an enjoyable wind blowing out of the south west. it reminds me of home--not home here on the Earth we have come to know, but rather home from which I came--a home of which I have dreamed of. A home far away and yet a blink of an eye distant.

I hold a vivid remembrance of the grounds, the house and the barn. I experienced the moments prior to my departure to this place, a departure which held a host of thoughts and emotions. Although I did not want to be here, I knew there was no choice. I often think of this as a search-and-rescue mission and I still view my presence in the same manner.

I have asked God why He doesn't allow me to be who I really am, sheding the identity of the man I have become.  My first inclination is to say that He did not reply, but I am not so sure of that. God often communicates in subtle ways where our immediate thoughts are actually His, imparted in an internal, spontaneous manner not that much unlike other thoughts generated by our own inner man.

I miss home. I saw it once, but only after asking Him repeatedly for the privelege of a peek at my point of origin prior to my arrival here. He not only offered me this enjoyable, informative experience, but He also allowed me to experience the exact moment of arrival--drop-in.  My arrival was dynamic and yet frieghtening. I will share it with you another time.


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Friday, May 25, 2012

Introduction to Unidentified Flippin' Objects (UFOs)

About This Blog

My name is Fred Avis, Jr. I am an abductee, more like a contactee. As we move forward with my story, you can judge which one it might be. From the definition of both, my personal analysis suggests that it's the latter.

Those of you who have visited my blog in the past are bound to ask, "What's happened to all the material that I had on this blog?" The answer to that is simple, it's difficult for me to make up my mind which direction to head. So, I've decided to start over again, only this time to simply stick to the facts. Let the facts speak for themselves. When I offer an opinion as to what these experiences mean, I'll tell you outright that I'm about to provide you with my personal opinion.

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